visual roster


Head of Graphic Design / Visual Director - Yukari is a Japan based artist who specializes in graphic design. She is the creator of our social media banners, flyers, and the majority of our music's cover art. Yukari through her artworks and direction has helped cultivate the artistic visual taste of SXN's releases.


Graphic Design -
2111 is a Mexico based graphic designer who has created some of our favorite SXN cover artworks such as, Frythm's "Your Love", j0eru's "With You", and many more.


VJ / Video Editing -
Dificults is an El Paso, TX based artist, also known by his music alias mvnners, who helps the team with video edits and VJ's at many SXN shows under the alias "difficults".


Video Editing / Animation / Photography & Film -
Ninjoi is an NYC native who is a music producer & visual artist. Films, directs, and edits videos for various artists on the team, & creates SXN content.


VJ / Graphic Design / Video Edits -
Savvy lo has been the head VJ at the vast majority of SXN shows and has also designed the cover art for a handful of SXN releases such as SXN vol. 1 and more

Switzon s. wigfall, III

Motion Media / VJ -
If you've ever attended an SXN show you are most likely familiar with Switzon's work. SSWIII is an extremely talented motion media artist who is the creator of many of the clips used by VJ's at SXN shows. Switzon will also be a guest VJ at many of our So-Cal shows.


Cinematographer / Video Edits / Director -
Woods Eye is the team's top videographer and video editor. He is the director, editor, and head cinematographer of "More Than A Beat" a documentary about the SXN team.